Top Prospect Sam Jones Of Thunderridge Will Wait On Recruiting Buzz

“I’m asked all the time where I’m leaning. To tell you the truth, I don’t think about it.” ThunderRidge will host Dakota Ridge in a nonleague game Thursday, and then Jones will head to Eugene for a look-see at Oregon. But other unofficial visits will be taxing, because the Grizzlies don’t have another Thursday game until Oct. 17. The 17-year-old with a common name has uncommon promise. He knows Oregon has tabbed him as its top line recruit, as has CU and CSU, which offered first. “He’s in a position of strength, which makes it a little easier,” Grizzlies coach Joe Johnson said.

Play It Again, Sam

Apparently he was allowed a big break with his sentencing to start with as federal officers wanted him to go down for five years for his participation in the conspiracy to help a friend pay back a debt to the Mexican cartel. At the time of his arrest it was thought he could get up to 20 years in jail. Clark’s best friend: Jones had a big role in Smallville Before the sentencing he apparently begged the judge for compassion, explaining that he had lost his dog, his car, and his acting job on Blue Mountain State because of the drug charges. The judge allowed Jones some leeway due to his minor role in the drug deal. Smallville actor Sam Jones released on bail after pleading guilty to drug trafficking case It all started when in October 2009 the actor was arrested by members of the Drug Enforcement Agency at his home in the Canoga Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles.

‘Smallville’ actor Sam Jones III is headed to federal prison

She stumbled into the sport in college at East Carolina , where she went on a basketball scholarship. One day in 1982, Wayne Edwards, an East Carolina athletic official who was active in team handball, saw Jones playing in an intramural softball game and encouraged her to try out for the Olympic Sports Festival team. “Here is this man asking me to try out for a sport I’ve never heard of, and he’s telling me I have a chance to be on the Olympic team,” she remembers. “I thought, Come on, be for real.” She tried out anyway, and one month later she was playing in France on the U.S. national team. Even though Jones is past her prime, at 31, and admits her bruised body is burning out from the rugged play, she’s “still the player we go to,” says teammate Cindy Stinger, herself 34.

Former Smallville star Sam Jones III released from prison two months early after being sentenced to a year for conspiracy to sell drugs

After [15] games, they told me they wanted to fire Scotty. I told them, `He should be Coach of the Year if he wins 20 games with this team.’ I asked who would be the next coach, because Elgin Baylor and I were the only assistants, and was told that `New Orleans wasn’t ready for a black head coach.’ They brought in someone else (Butch van Breda Kolff), who wasn’t real professional about some things. So one year of that was enough for me.” FanHouse: Who’s the greatest player you’ve ever seen? Sam Jones: “I can’t do that. Everyone has their own opinion. Michael Jordan won six NBA titles.

Sam Jones, who fought for equity in Lexington schools, dies at 74

HV: Youve been working in private security, right? Jones: I run security operations in high-risk environments. I work in Mexico and other places. I cant tell you the company and I can’t tell you how but we protect people from kidnappings and assassinations. HV: So whens the last time you made a movie?

He described Mr. Jones as “a person that was dedicated to the uplifting of his community.” “You could believe what Sam said,” said P.G. Peeples, who also was part of the equity movement. “Sam’s a tremendous loss to this community.” Mr. Jones worked in the publishing department at IBM for 30 years before retiring in 1993. But he also had a pioneering career in local radio and television.

‘Flash Gordon’ Star Sam Jones on His Triumphant, Crazy Comeback Role in ‘Ted’ (Q&A)

EW has confirmed Sam Jones III, the actor best known for playing Clark Kents high school friend Pete Ross on Smallville, was sentenced to a year in federal prison on Wednesday for conspiring to sell more than 10,000 pills of the painkiller oxycodone. The actors Canoga, Calif. home was raided in 2009 after local police learned of Jones possible connection to a prescription drug ring. He was found guilty last December when it was confirmed that Jones was indeed the Hollywood connection the police had been searching for, and initially faced up to 20 years behind bars. Jones will also face three years of probation once he has completed his prison sentence.


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